Open And Closed Book Testing Results Summary

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Back in 2008, there was a study conducted by Pooja K. Agawal, Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Sean H. K. Kang, Henry L. Roediger III and Kathleen B. McDermott from Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, USA. They wanted to examine the testing effect with open- and closed-book testing. They found this topic to be interesting because open-book testing is becoming more and more popular among educators. They wanted to see what the best way was to take a test.

The purpose of the research:
Agawal, Karpicke, Kang, Roediger III and McDermott used two experiments. The purpose of the first experiment was to determine if taking tests benefitted the subjects more than just evaluating what they learned. They focused mainly on the testing effect,... View More »

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The materials used in the study:
The materials used in experiment one were six prose passages, each one being roughly 1000 words long. Each passage covered only one topic such as ‘Arctic Explorer’, ‘Falcon’, ‘Fossils’, ‘Twisters,’ ‘Voyager’, and ‘Wolves.’ After each passage was seven corresponding questions to the topic the subject just read. In experiment two, they used eight passages, six were form the previous experiment plus two new ones called, ‘Earthquakes’ and ‘Santa Fe Trail’. They passages had similar questions after as in experiment one.

The procedures used in the study:
In experiment one, all the subjects read the same six passages in the same order, but they were counterbalanced. There were six different conditions used in this experiment and two sessions. Every condition ended with a closed-book test (session two) they just varied with the condition and session one. The different combinations they took data on was study then take the closed-book test, study then take closed-book test with feedback, study then take open-book test, study and test simultaneously, and a non-studied control group who had no preparation, but still took the second test. The subjects were directed to read the passages, which may or may not be followed by a test, so the subjects did not know what to expect. The study and test sessions were self-paced to keep the atmosphere stress/rush free, eliminating extraneous variables. Experiment two had the same conditions as the first one but added a few extra. They included a study once, in which the subject studies the passage only ...

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