Remembered Event - My Last Competition

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I never would have thought that a freshman in high school could obtain a high position such as varsity on a sports team. It’s pretty much common sense that the upper-classmen have the upper hand in gaining the varsity positions and a freshman tossed aside to be trained to achieve the varsity position once she hits the upper-classmen status. Retaining this knowledge, I still wanted to challenge this process, not because of the attention I would gain, but because it was my last chance. My family had put up our house for sale the summer before my freshman year and planned to move either mid-year or once the year ended. Knowing this, I looked into the two possible high schools that I would be attending and saw that they did not have a... View More »

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Walking up and down daunting stairs at home and in school, standing up from my desk to get to the next class, sitting down on the toilet to take a piss, picking up something slightly heavy like a textbook or my backpack; my body screamed. But I kept on pushing. I kept screaming back at my body, telling it that all the pain is for the best if my body and I wanted to achieve our goal. I sucked it up and kept training, until the day arrived.

The day of the first practice of the last few months of my gymnastics career, and I was nervous from the moment I woke up. All my gymnastics gear was ready: grips, leotard, spandex, ponytail holders, athletic tape, and ankle brace. Going to school with my school backpack on one. ...

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