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The second set of sales promotion techniques which is more geared to customers are price based consumer sales promotion & attention getting promotion. Price based consumer sales promotion might be something like coupons or rebates. For example, my credit card offers cash back rebates on all my purchases. Another example would be newspaper coupons, which I saw one earlier today where Arby’s restaurant were offering some type of price deal where if one where to buy 5 of something they’d get it for cheaper with this particular coupon.
Attention getting promotion is usually something like contests or sweepstakes. For instance, walking around the mall, many car companies or whatever company is promoting it, has cars inside where if the customer fills out their information and is randomly picked, they have a chance to win a free car. Celebrities can also be used in this sales promotion technique. For example, I remember watching Jessica Simpson promoting this skin care product and it showed examples of how her skin looked before and then after trying the product. This grabs attention because it is involving that is well known to American society, as Americans hold celebrities in a special pedestal.


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