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By giving a example of something that happened in the past it causes less conflict and opposition when making difficult choices. Communication is also a function of critical thinking that has been a big benefit in the writer’s work environment. Communication is used in several different ways in the workplace. There often have been issues between children or staff not getting along or issues with children and the staff not agreeing with all the rules or activities that have been put in place. Through communication many of these conflicts, disagreements, and issues have been solved. Communication has also helped in scheduling, through talking and gathering information it enables the writer to figure out the right times to schedule events and exactly what staff to have working that particular program. Critical thinking has also helped improved relationships between staff members in the work environment. By not having predetermined notions and stereotypes of people, it allows for a better and more accurate understanding of people and their personalities. These things help for the staff to get to know each other better and it makes the workplace more productive. View More »

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