The Chubby 6th Grader

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It’s funny to see how people react when I tell them that the show How I Met Your Mother changed my life, and I wish I could see the look on your face after reading that. But while it may sound weird, or even a little childish, it’s 100% true that How I Met Your Mother gave me the confidence I have today in regard to the social aspect of my life.
Growing up, I was always pressured by my dad to get a girlfriend. Now most guys will say that their dad laid a few jokes or two on them when they got to high school about getting a girlfriend, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, what I’m talking about started in 6th grade, I came home one day to my dad asking, “So it’s been a few weeks, have you met any girls you want to date yet?” This... View More »

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‘I Can Date Whoever I Want.’ Instead, I turned to movies and TV shows to escape. I’ve always loved watching tv shows and movies, because they provide a sort of escape from reality that are much more affective to me than books are. I eventually got over it, but I never regained the confidence to ask out another girl.
Finally, high school hit, the supposed golden years that I’d been hearing so much about. I’d grew 5 inches, lost 20 pounds, and was looking like a whole new person than the “200 pound-Shrek” that asked out a girl way out of his league. Yet, with the added height, did not come added confidence. I was still hesitant in flirting with girls, even if they showed an interest in me due to the fear of not wanting to be rejected like I did when I was in 6th grade. As I was finishing up my freshman year of high school, I swear to God the prettiest girl I’ve seen to this day walked by my friend and I. This girl, blew Allie straight out of the water. As my friend and I walked out of our Algebra class, he was complaining about how old our teacher was, and halfway through his thought I cut him off. “Dude, who was that girl who just walked by us?” Knowing everyone he said, “Oh that’s Nicole, she’s in my honors bio class. She’s a pretty cool chick, I guess. Anyway-” Then he went right back to talking smack about our math teacher. Of course, I wasn’t paying attention though, no sir, I was already planning how on Earth I was going to meet this girl. But every time I wanted to ask her name, or introduce myself, I turned into that chubby 6th grader I used to be. Scarred, nervous ...

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