The Underachievement Of Girls

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“Girls significantly achieve higher than boys in English SAT’s in key stage 2.” Factors behind this.


The rational of this study is to see whether girls achieve higher than boys in Key stage 2 English SAT’s, as previous research has shown the gap between gender attainments. Since the 1960s it was shown that gender inequality impacted on education attainment. Due to society disparity, boys and girls were treated differently within schools, classrooms by teachers, parents and peers. But later on in the 1970s and 80s feminist started to question why girls underachieved and found that this was due to the divided of the curriculum, girls were expected to choose subjects that would later... View More »

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They analysed results and on each question separately as a whole and then went on to splitting boys and girls results separately. It was found that girls achieved better than boys in both the pre test in 2007 and in the main test that was published in 2008. It was found that when it came to longer responses questions girls scored higher and boys did better on non literacy responses but girls still out performed them in this section to. It was also found that these tests are not gender favoured as boys did perform well on the non literacy questions in the reading tests, therefore this study shows girl do achieve higher than boys in English supporting the hypothesis that girls attain higher without being favoured in tests, the question is then brought up as to whether cognitive abilities of different sexes may have an impact on learning.
Calvin et al (2010) believes that cognitive ability does not explain gender gaps in attainment but believes that individual abilities may contribute to gender attainment gaps. A study was conducted in 2004 whereby approximately 179,000 students age 11 years complete a third edition CAT’s test , which assessed their verbal, verbal ability and quantitative abilities, this data was then linked to students attainment scores on key stage 2 SAT’s English maths and science. It was found that girls in England reached the national target of level 4, 10 percent more than boys and factor of 29% verbal residual was found achieved by girls than boys. If intelligence isn’t a factor of gender attainment could it ethnicity, as it said known when it ...

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