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Having been actively part of the St. Thomas More community, Harvest Hike, the activity I volunteered in, felt familiar. I attended St. Thomas More School up until eighth grade and still actively attended church with my family. I also attended Religious Education classes in ninth and tenth grade, and in those years I had to complete twenty hours of volunteering. I had done Harvest Hike in the past and it always is a great experience.

The event starts out with a preparation to the actual activity. This event, along with many others, is focused on high school students, but anyone, such as a freshman in college, is free to attend. The preparation began with ice breakers to introduce all participants to any new faces and then small games... View More »

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We all contributed a little to Harvest Hike, even if it was something as simplistic as our time and effort. It may seem insignificant to us, but to those who we donate the food to, it means a lot. ...

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