Women In Science And Science Related Subjects

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Jayantee Naugah and Sashuprabah Poonet,
Senior Lecturers, Mauritius Institute of Education.


Women in scientific cancers are far below their male counterparts in numbers. This does not
meet the aspirations of a developing country like Mauritius. This paper looks into the status
of women in scientific careers. To encourage women to embark in science and science related
activities, it is necessary to encourage more girls to take science subjects at secondary and
tertiary education level. The academic climate should have a greater scientific leaning. The
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This will leave an effect in future on the
number of women scientists and technologists. This will also have a dramatic effect on the
country's progress during the next phase of industrialization.

1. Status of Women

With the introduction of socio-legal reforms in the 1980s women were called upon to play a
multifaceted role; changing from a primarily reproductive one to a productive and
community service management focus. Initially their involvement in the labour force was in
unskilled or low skilled and low paid occupations.

2. Education of Women and Girls

Free education from primary to tertiary level were introduced in 1977. This led to a
doubling in the enrolment rate of girls compared to that of boys in secondary schools over
the period, 1977-1990 Enrolment rate for boys in 1972 was 40% and that of girls for the
same period rose from 25% in 1972 to 47.6% in 1993. In the same year, the primary
enrolment rate for both boys and girls was 90% for both boys and girls and in the secondary
level, 45.3% boys and 47.6% of girls were interlude. Girls in primary schools are better
achievers than boys. This is repeated in secondary schools too. More young girls are
enrolling for University courses but a vast majority of them opt to study accounting,
economics, languages or management.

3. Science Education and Girls

Science was introduced as a proper subject in the early 1970s as environmental studies at
primary level. At secondary level all students irrespective of gender and abilities had to
follow a compulsory science course up to Form 3 ( ...

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