1980 S And Margaret Thatcher

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The Eighties were a time of great change in all aspects of society. It was a time of money, confidence and greed. The Government had changed in 1976 to the Conservative Party led by Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister this country had ever had, and her style of leadership left its mark upon society for a long time. It was a time of economic growth thanks to a stable economy and everyone was encouraged to 'own' something, houses, cars, invested income. This had an effect on all areas of society right down to the youth of the time. Where the Punk movement in the Seventies had been a reaction against the unemployment situation, young people in the 1980s were put on Youth... View More »

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Gadgets were popular and toys went in and out of popularity almost overnight. Fashion became more conventional, style was dictated by the chosen few and it was not cool to be different. Musically little happened than in comparison to previous decades, the charts were dominated by middle of the road bands who played a good tune but who did not challenge anyone's ideas or come up with any new ideas of their own. There were few notable exceptions to this such as Culture Club, a group that seemed to take up where punk dressing left off and wore make-up and outrageous clothes. The lead singer Boy George was a fashion icon of the time and started a trend for make-up for men. In October 1988 the London Stock Market crashed and many people lost huge amounts of money overnight. The confident and aggressive eighties gave way to the caring, sharing nineties and a change in the way that we saw ourselves and each other.

Margaret Thatcher and her Government

Margaret Thatcher is the second daughter of a grocer and a dressmaker who became the first woman in European history to be elected prime minister. She then went on to become the first British prime minister in the twentieth century to win three consecutive terms and, at the time of her resignation in 1990, the nation's longest-serving prime minister since 1827. Some people have seen her as a true political revolutionary in that she broadened the base of the Conservative Party to include the middle class along with the wealthy aristocracy. Thatcher was born Margaret Hilda Roberts on ...

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