A Fatal Decision

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A Fatal Decision

Middlesex by Jefrey Eugenides is an astonishing tale of a gene that passes down through three generations of a Greek American family and flowers in the body of Calliope Stephanides. Calliope Stephanides’ grandparents, Lefty and Desdemona Stephanides, are left alone high on the slope of Mount Olympus in Asia Minor without the guidance and the presence of any parents. Desdemona and Lefty are siblings confused about the truth behind their abnormal emotions towards each other. Desdemona made sure her brother was her number one priority; therefore she took care of the house and the cocoonery, while Lefty was to “take care of the books” (27). Growing up together, both Lefty and Desdemona were aroused by each other, but... View More »

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‘By the way, I’m Irini. We don’t have a Desdemona here” (32). Another reason for Lefty’s trips to Bursa is the fact that the village is so small that there are barely any girls. Desdemona says, “…Why don’t you get a girl from the village.’ It was at this point that Lefty, who was now brushing off his jacket, called hi sister’s attention to something she was overlooking. ‘Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there aren’t any girls in this village’” (36). Living in a small village binds Lefty and Desdemona together; therefore they are bound to have an intimate relationship with each other. Lefty and Desdemona’s desires to have a sexual relationship with each other because no matter how hard they try to escape from reality they cannot.
Growing up together allows Desdemona and Lefty to become aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. Lefty and Desdemona does everything together since childhood. “Desdemona had always loved her brother as only a sister growing up on a mountain could love a brother: he was the whole entertainment, her best friend and confidant, her co-discoverer of short cuts and monks’ cells” (25). Being together at all times produces a connection between two people, hence leading to having sexual desires for the other. Lefty and Desdemona also sleep together; sleeping together with the other sex brings out ones hormonal drive. “Lefty couldn’t pinpoint the moment he’d begun to have thoughts about her sister. At first he’d just been curious to see what a real woman’s breasts looked like. It didn’t matter that they were his sister’s…Behind the hanging kelimi that ...

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