A Souvenir For Life

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A souvenir for life
It was my 15th birthday and my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother and I, went to Capellini, an Italian restaurant. The food was delicious I must say. It is located in Mexico and has big mirrors and great paintings hanging on the walls that make it a better place to eat, with low light, excellent service and has original Italian dishes that taste great.
I was happy because I was with my family; we were talking about how delicious the food was when suddenly I asked the question about what was going to be my birthday gift for 15 years of life. My parents were surprised, I think, because they told me just to talk about that later. What I didn’t know was that everything was already planned.
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Gigantic buildings, nice cars, fine houses and cool lights were the principal distinctiveness of the city. I was so amazed with the cars too because the wheel is in the right side of the car instead of the left, so it was a little confused when going by taxi to some places in the city.
After a long day of walking and getting to know with the city, we finally arrived to our beds and take a big nap. The next day we woke up early around 7:00 am. We had breakfast and we continued with our schedule. After walking without direction, we finally took a tour bus that takes you around the city showing you the important spots. About three hours later of taking pictures and getting to know with London, the bus stops and a police officer came up (the bus has two floors) , and he said: “everybody get down”. We were really scared because we were unaware of what was going on. Later we arrive to McDonald’s, and while I was waiting for my Big Mac with cheese, another police officer came in to the restaurant, and told everybody to get out of the place because it was an aware of a bomb near the place.
Later, we were told that some bombs had hit London’s public transportations. There were 3 bombs in London underground trains. And the fourth bomb exploded on a bus similar like ours. There were 52 dead and all the city was in shock.
We were walking around the city, lost because there was no transportation we could have taken. Finally, after walking for a long time we arrived to our hotel and waited for the next day.
After that horrible attack, we continued with our trip. Our next stop ...

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