Acid Rain 2

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Acid Rain

Acid rain is a serious problem with disastrous effects. Each day this serious problem

increases, many people believe that this issue is too small to deal with right now this

issue should be met head on and solved before it is too late. In the following paragraphs I

will be discussing the impact has on the wildlife and how our atmosphere is being

destroyed by acid rain.

CAUSES Acid rain is a cancer eating into the face of Eastern Canada and the North

Eastern United States. In Canada, the main sulphuric acid sources are non©ferrous

smelters and power generation. On both sides of the border, cars and trucks are the main

sources for nitric acid(about 40% of the... View More »

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COST OF ACID RAIN Interactions of pollutants can cause problems. In addition to

contributing to acid rain, nitrogen oxides can react with hydrocarbons to produce ozone,

a major air pollutant responsible in the United States for annual losses of $2 billion to 4.5

billion worth of wheat, corn, soyabeans, and peanuts. A wide range of interactions can

occur many unknown with toxic metals. In Canada, Ontario alone has lost the fish in an

estimated 4000 lakes and provincial authorities calculate that Ontario stands to lose the

fish in 48 500 more lakes within the next twenty years if acid rain continues at the

present rate.Ontario is not alone, on Nova Scotia's Eastern most shores, almost every

river flowing to the Atlantic Ocean is poisoned with acid. Further threatening a $2

million a year fishing industry. Ô Acid rain is killing more than lakes. It can scar the

leaves of hardwood forest, wither ferns and lichens, accelerate the death of coniferous

needles, sterilize seeds, and weaken the forests to a state that is vulnerable to disease

infestation and decay. In the soil the acid neutralizes chemicals vital for growth, strips

others from the soil and carries them to the lakes and literally retards the respiration of

the soil. The rate of forest growth in the White Mountains of New Hampshire has

declined 18% between 1956 and 1965, time of increasingly intense acidic rainfall. Acid

rain no longer falls exclusively on the lakes, forest, and thin soil ...

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