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1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to understand how buying behaviour and the factors affects the decision making of consumers when purchasing Adidas’ running shoes, including proposing a fresh and creative; yet effective marketing plan for Adidas. The report will also make recommendations to improve the awareness of Adidas.

1.2 Background
Adidas is a sports brand, originated from Germany. In 1949, 18 August Adidas was registered as a company, named after the founder of the sports brand. In the 1990s Adidas progress from a manufacturing and sales based company to a marketing company.
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• Evoked Set: From the findings, we have identified a few different brands that are in the evoked set of the consumers. They are Nike, Converse, New Balance, Reebok, Fila, Gola and Puma as shown on the graph below.
• Criteria Used for Evaluating Brands:
o Product
From the results of the survey, we found out that 40% of the respondents think that the quality of Adidas’s running shoes is good, have nicer and unique designs, durable and comfortable.
o Price
76% of the respondents feel that the Adidas running shoes is worth the price as it is durable, comfortable, good quality, a reputable brand and that Adidas uses unique technology.
The remaining 24% of the respondents who feel that Adidas running shoes is not worth the price, as the designs are too common or that they prefer other brands.
o Place
Most respondents purchase their running shoes in the East (38%) and in the Central (30%). The areas that they purchase the running shoes are convenient as it is easily accessible by bus (34%) and MRT (28%).
o Promotion
90% of the respondents are attracted to purchase Adidas running shoes due to the discounts offered.

2.3 Adidas’ Marketing Efforts
In this report, we have researched several marketing efforts such as celebrity endorsements and product catalogs of Adidas. These advertisements are attached to the appendix on page 22 onwards.
2.3.1 Product
Based on 48 responses, we have concluded that Nike is Adidas’s biggest competitor in the running shoes industry, of which 60% preferred Nike since it provide better cut for better ease running. 37 of the ...

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