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“Admire Pro Systemic Protectant is a soil-applied product that economically controls damaging insects in a variety of fruit and vegetable crops, including grapes and potatoes. It provides outstanding control of aphids, whiteflies, mealybug, Colorado potato beetle and other sucking and chewing pests.”
Admire Pro, a recently introduced pesticide, containing imidacloprid, should not be permitted on vegetation due to its fatal affect on birds,non harmful invertebrates, and mainly, its devastating affect on bees.. (AdmirePro)
Farmers rely on pollination for nearly one hundred different types of fruit, nut, and vegetable crops. These pollinators, mainly honeybees, are an extremely important part of the agricultural, and farming lifestyle, as... View More »

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The pesticide is now coming home with the bee as well. They make it home and continue to spread the chemical. The Imidacloprid gradually becomes concentrated in the honey as the nectar is evaporated. This continuing contamination in the hives as well as to the individual pollinator has significantly contributed to CCD (Bierling).
The method of soil application can be considered more dangerous then foliar spraying in that it affects more then just honeybees. By contaminating the soil, the invertebrates who are importants to crops are also greatly affected. The pesticide cannot distinguish between the good and bad, therefor attacks both, including earthworms.
Earthworms are important to the soil. they make their homes by tunneling through the soil. They take dead or decaying leaves into their tunnels and eat them, helping to decompose and break down the dead materials faster. The wastes that the earthworms leave behind makes the soil more fertile. Earthworm tunnels loosen the soil to allow air, water and plant roots to move more freely through the soil (Edwards).
With the earthworms becoming contaminated, sick, and even dead, birds who feast on these creatures then are alos affected by the pesticide. Certain species of birds, such as the house sparrow, Japanese quail, canaries, and pigeons are at a greater danger than others. When these birds consume the worms with Imidacloprid, the chemical continues on into their system.
The Imidacloprid causes abnormal behavior in these birds. They lack coordination and are inable to fly. What is most devistating is the affects the ...

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