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An Analysis of Vodafone’s current strategic position, and how Vodafone will develop these strategies in the future. (3000 words)
For this report I have analysed Vodafone’s current strategic position and how they will these strategies in the future. To do this I have looked at Vodafone’s strategies in terms of its marketing, competitors, their core competencies and capabilities, and resources strategies. I have also looked at their internal and external environment using tools such as a SWOT and PESTLE analysis and also Porter’s five forces model. Finally I have made recommendations on how Vodafone will develop these strategies in the future.
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• Socio-cultural Factors

 Health issues – if mobile phones are shown to be harmful both with the masts and handsets, there may be a move away from their use and a campaign to ban the masts.
 Demographics – mobile phones tend to be used by the younger members of society. In a country where the population is ageing, which is the trend across the EU, the demographics may shift to a more aged population who may have less use for mobile phones.
 Social trends – a lot of take up of mobile phones has been down to fashion and peer pressure. If a trend of not having a phone was to occur this could seriously impact on their usage, although unlikely to happen.

• Technological Factors
 The mobile phone industry has seen a great deal of technological change and will continue to do so. Mobile phones were originally used for telephone conversations but since text messaging became available the usage has increased dramatically.
 As technology developed, it has become possible to swap information between mobiles and other devices via Bluetooth technology. However, this can be used inappropriately to send anonymous and unwanted texts; this is known as ‘blue jacking’ and can be distressing particularly if the recipient is a child or young person.
 The introduction of 3rd generation (3G) mobile phone technology is bringing with it a better mix of content and providing more services. These further raise the issue of ethics as Vodafone can now offer a wide variety of content to mobile phones with this new technology 3G will help ...

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