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Taxes have always been a hotly debated policy, but have been receiving more attention recently with the new Bush administration. This attention has spurred new thought and consideration of the issue. It seems that people vary in their reasons for supporting tax cuts, but also generally believe that taxes should be low and paid for by the wealthy. Ideas of limited government, equality of opportunity, and individualism influence Americans' beliefs regarding taxes; because of these beliefs, most Americans would favor a policy to cut taxes.

In one poll, conducted on January 3, 2001, respondents were asked if reducing the federal income tax should be a top priority. Sixty-six percent said it should be a top priority with... View More »

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Inheritance and estate taxes, capital gains taxes and a combination of any of the above compose the remaining twenty-five percent of top tax cut priorities.

The largest percentage priority given above was thirty-one percent in favor of tax cuts for all people. Again, the individual's belief in the right to keep, spend or save one's own earnings are the motivation for tax cuts for all citizens. Equality is another influence on this belief. This thirty-one percent probably thinks, why should one citizen receive a tax cut and not another? To only give tax breaks to some would be unfair and unequal. Equality of opportunity would, theoretically, be preserved by cutting taxes of all citizens. Each citizen had the same opportunity to earn their money and should have that same opportunity to decide how it is used. In America, no guarantee exists that every person will have equality of the results of their labor; this is the fundamental means to create incentives for people to improve their position in society and work hard.

It is fascinating and even contradictory that the next largest priority to respondents of this poll was cutting taxes for low and moderate income citizens only. Making this the priority contradicts the explanations made above about equality of opportunity and result, but does explain another aspect of political culture. People also believe in what is called the "common good". By these respondents' opinions, it is probably more important to provide for the good of society and not only the good of the individual. It is the society ...

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