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The principals or axioms of interpersonal communication are universal across cultural and ethical backgrounds. Each one does not function as an entity on its own, but are closely interwoven and are part of any form of interpersonal communication. In analysing communication as a transaction process, how interpersonal communication can be ambiguous and finally how communication is irreversible, inevitable and unrepeatable I will be looking back at past experiences and applying these principals that will allow me to learn to modify the ways and manners in which I communicate and thus enhancing my personal achievements both in the work environment and with friends and family. We will not always succeed in applying these... View More »

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For a black person to say “no” to an employer or elder is disrespectful. This poses a problem when allocating a task as they will instinctively answer “yes” to your question of whether they have understood the task at hand or not. To ensure that there is no ambiguity one has to ask them to explain what it is you have asked them to do. If they are not able to explain then one has to define the request in clearer terms and it might be that you actually demonstrate exactly what it is you want them to do.

Interpersonal communication is inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable (DeVito, 2007). As long as we do not live in solitary confinement, communication is inevitable. Because communication is both verbal and non-verbal we are often not aware of what messages our body language is sending out. Why is it irreversible? Simply because it cannot be taken back, you cannot undo what you have just said. You might regret what you have said and somebody might get hurt in the process, but you can never take back the resultant feelings even after an apology. Communication is unrepeatable as you can never remember word for word what was said. It the same conversation could be repeated at another time or location it may not have the same meaning as it had previously. Even with the written word such as emails, these emails re-read at a different time can have a completely different meaning. The same message told to a third party can be retold in such a way that the meaning of the message is changed.

I can remember as a child sitting in a circle with friends. One person ...

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