Batf At Waco

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It started out easy enough. Over a hundred agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms would pack themselves shoulder-to-shoulder inside cattle trailers, and pull up to the front of the building in broad daylight. At the cry of "ShowTime!" The agents would pour out, divide into four columns, and storm the building. Some would surround the building, others would take ladders to the right side, go into the second floor with flash-bang grenades, and still others would storm the front door with battering rams. The dogs would be sprayed with fire extinguishers and, if they did not depart, be shot on the spot. The raid plan overlooked the fact the humans were involved. Both sides might be armed as the agents came... View More »

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Recorded radio traffic from the raid, however, has an interesting soundtrack? with gunshots audible. Note that (according to the pilots testimony) the helicopters never got closer that 350 yards to the building. The suggestion of hearing gunfire from the ground at that distance, over the helicopters engine, rotor, and transmission noise, is highly unlikely. Further (although the helicopters are rapid approaching the ground battle) the sound of gunshots ceases, rather than becomes louder, as they pull up and pass the building. It is very strange gunfire to be audible at 500 yards, but inaudible at 350.

Within seconds of the agents? dismounting, a major gun battle was underway. The governments version of the incident was that the Davidians, bent upon homicide, sprang an ambush. However, from inside the building, Wayne Martin calls 9-1-1 and screams "there are 75 people around our building and they?re shooting at us!" Government witnesses contend the agents were raked by fully automatic fire from multiple positions?and on this basis six Davidians were convicted of use of fully automatic weapons. The audio tape made from the radio van (within hearing range of the gunfight) shows, however, only semi-automatic fire, with one exception. A full twelve minutes into the fight, there is a burst of full automatic gunfire, with shocks the radio van crew. A minute later, a garbled radio transmission comes in and the agent listing inside the van proclaims "Hey, heh, we got the machine gun!" the logical inferences would be (1) one person did indeed fire a fully ...

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