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There are many options for a graduating high school senior to do when they

graduate from school. However, I wasn’t prepared and didn’t want to go to college right

after high school. I wanted to do something for my country and to benefit me in the future

that was heading my way. Some of my close friends decided to join the United States

Marine Corps and in doing so, opened my eyes and influenced me to do the same. The

recruiter, whose name is Sgt. Curry, told me I had to have a commitment to actually

wanting to be a Marine. In his eyes he thought that it was better for me to be more

mentally prepared than be concentrating on the physical aspect. The Marine Corps does

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He had to be the strongest, meanest

looking man I had ever seen in my entire life, and he was not alone because beside him

stood two equal size men shouting orders also. I was no longer referred to as a boy, man,

or even a human being, no to those men or drill instructors I was a worthless maggot. For

the first month, my fellow “maggots” and I had to learn how to do everything fast and

learn how to work together as a team and not individuals. We learned after the first week

that by not working together, the drill instructors were harder and more strict with us than

when we did everything together granted we still got messed up for little things. That first

month was a long and hurtful month.

The first of three long months had come to an end, when my drill instructors said,

“The fun is just about to begin girl!” I thought then and there to myself, I’m all ready

miserable and missing home, what could make it worse? I was told phase two of boot

camp was about to begin, but we had to pack up and go north of San Diego to a place

called Camp Pendleton, which I about an hour and a half away in the middle of San Diego

and Los Angeles. I arrived in Camp Pendleton and saw I was surrounded by a lot of dirt

and many treacherous looking mountains. I understood why the D.I’s said the fun was

about to begin, the fun was for them. The D.I.’s punished us sometimes just because the

were bored on the way to our classes, which was learning how to shoot a rifle with one

shoot one kill. After the rifle range and qualifying ...

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