Boys Will Be Boys

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Homophobia is described as the irrational fear of gays or lesbians or the fear of being thought of as gay or lesbian (Murphy, 2006). It is often expressed visibly, audibly and sometimes even violently. There are many factors that cause people to be homophobic. Research has shown that prejudice against gay people and homosexuality can be influenced by a person’s religious beliefs, having little or no social contact with gays or lesbians or reporting no homosexual experiences or feelings (Murphy, 2006). Yet, various authors have recently begun to stress an overlooked issue regarding men and masculinity. They believe there is a link between hegemonic masculinity and homophobia in the sense that gender biased behaviour is the reasoning... View More »

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When a male chooses to act out examples of masculinity, he is unwillingly producing qualities that may challenge his actions (Connell, 2005). A man who chooses to play a part in the practice of heterosexuality may be doing so in order to conceal a deeper fear of homosexual desire (Murphy, 2006).

In addition to measuring masculinity through gender identity, Western culture may also perceive heterosexuality as an essential part of masculinity. Although it is taught that “real” men are heterosexual, heterosexuals are often linked to homophobia (Kaufman, 2008). Due to the common belief that homosexuality is often looked at as a deviant lifestyle many individuals have developed attitudes that view homosexuals as a threat to their male or female identities. In regards to homophobia and psychotic acts of violence, Denis Murphy (2006) noted “a feverish panic or agitated furore, amounting sometimes to temporary manic insanity” (p.134) when describing homophobia. This was often said to occur when an individual became aware of homosexual temptations. Since heterosexual masculinities pressures heterosexual men to conform to masculine stereotypes they feel a sense of anxiety when they are unable to achieve those expectations. This anxiety lead may males to reject gay men as a way to reaffirm their sense of masculinity (Connell, 2005). Rejection can range anywhere from cruel expressions of disgust and disproval to open forms of verbal abuse and violence. Kaufman (2008) believes “human groups create self-perpetuating forms of social organization and ideologies that explain, give ...

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