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The protection of intellectual property is extremely important for businesses of the United States. These protections are offered in the forms of copyrights, patents and trademarks. For a company such as BUG Inc. these protections and provisions are vital. BUG Inc. is a company involved in developing, manufacturing and selling electronic recording devices. The main market for BUG Inc. is law enforcement agencies in the U.S but it hopes to expand its business to foreign nations. BUG Inc. products set themselves apart from others by the logo of a ladybug wearing headphones. This paper will go into detail about how BUG Inc.’s intellectual property is protected by examining different situations that may arise and the liability that it... View More »

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And four, Steve put BUG Inc. in a position where it could have potentially experienced irreversible damage due to the loss of protected intellectual property.
WIRETAP Inc. on the other hand, could face liability because the company purposefully had Steve apply for a job with BUG Inc. for the sole purpose of stealing intellectual property in order to give WIRETAP Inc. a competitive edge in the market. Because Steve was representing WIRETAP Inc. when he was committing the above listed offenses, WIRETAP Inc. could also be considered to be part of the crimes.
When Walter discovered that Steve was working against BUG Inc. and supplying WIRETAP Inc. with sensitive and protected information he decided to hold Steve in a small soundproof room and question him. Walter can be held liable in a civil suit for an Intentional tort, specifically, false imprisonment. False imprisonment is the act of “Intentionally restraining another person without having the legal right to do so. It's not necessary that physical force be used; threats or a show of apparent authority are sufficient” (, 2008). Even though Walter is a security guard, he does not possess the same authority as a law enforcement officer or other individual allowed to hold someone. Walter should have contacted his supervisors and informed them of the situation and let them handle it in the correct manner. Because Walter was representing BUG Inc. at the time he committed the tort, BUG Inc. could also face civil liability in a false imprisonment suit. Although what Steve did could be considered more extreme and ...

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