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Circus Circus Enterprises is a leader and will continue to be in the gaming industry. In recent years, they have seen a decline in profit and revenue; management tends to blame the decrease on continuing disruptions from remodeling, expansion, and increased competition. Consequently, Circus has reported decreases in its net income for 1997 and 1998 and management believes this trend will continue as competition heightens. Currently the company is involved in several joint ventures, its brand of casino entertainment has traditionally catered to the low rollers and family vacationers through its theme park. Circus should continue to expand its existing operations into new market segments. This shift... View More »

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The Grand Victoria in Elgin Illinois, a floating casino with land based entertainment complex, a partnership with Hyatt Development Company. Silver Legacy is in a downtown location on 85,000 square feet operated jointly with Eldorado Limited.

Circus Circus has achieved success through an aggressive growth strategy and a corporate structure designed to enhance that growth. Circus pursues a competitive strategy of product differentiation through serving middle-income customers attracting family vacationers.


Circus Circus faces four problems within the gaming industry one such is it?s financial performance. Circus casinos have the lowest revenue relative to its competitors. The cost of new development, namely Mandalay Bay, costs the company $950 million excluding land. The large-scale projects and renovations taken on by Circus have caused depletion in their short-term cash; therefore, they?re anticipated long-term cash flow is uncertain.

Another disadvantage to Circus Circus is that Las Vegas focuses on catering to higher-end rollers, while the company has targeted family vacationers. Circus has geared all of their casinos based on the family concept and has remodeled their casinos to fit its customer base. This has in turn made the transition from family to entertainment a hard and costly venture. However, the rapid change and turnover within the industry has caused Circus to rethink their current market segment.

Over the past several years, mergers and acquisitions have reshaped the gaming ...

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