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The Business Proposal
The business I am going to set up will provide a service to local community through an Internet café. My café will be located in Rotherham and will provide a service to nearby locations such as Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley. The reason why I chose Rotherham, as my location is that even though there are some competitors I believe that there is enough room for one more Internet café to increase the competition. Another reason for the location in Rotherham is that it is close to where I live so it will be easier for me to run and manage the business. I know the market trends of this area so that is also a benefit. I will be concentrating on introducing unique new things into my business, which can include... View More »

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I would be quite happy if the first few years were not great in terms of profit but that I made enough to survive. Then eventually as word of my business got around through heavy promotion and the high quality of service I would expect a profit. Also this would allow me to get credit off the banks and take a few more risks and expand my business.

This would then lead to profit maximization and then to increasing market share which would also be growth for my business. I would do profit maximization and growth through promotional offers, advertising and expansion of the business and also look to offer more services and change to better suppliers. Producing a high quality service will be of great importance and I will do this by having a supportive workforce and smooth running of the business. Also I would try not to make process of starting a membership in my Internet café too complex, as this would drive potential customers away. Instead my Internet café has to appeal to a broad audience to guarantee maximum profit. Profit is essential to my business as without it I would find it difficult to expand, pay wages and invest in better technology.

By franchising I will make a cut profit of another business without worrying about setting it up or running it. However one disadvantage I will have to keep an eye on, will be that the franchise business does not destabilize my business through poor quality. Looking at the Muffin Breaks previous successes as a franchise business will not let me down and definitely play a key role in making my business a more successful cyber ...

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