Deadly Compromise

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Aze Davis
English 111
Professor Joe Taylor
30 September 2007
Deadly Compromise
The “Deadly Compromise” written by author Joshua Green is about Capital Punishment, in regards to the Death Penalty. Green argues a pragmatic approach to solve the long debated conflict between the conservative and liberal points of view. Although this is a very convincing argument, it also states facts, that when considered should ultimately lead to the abolishment of the death penalty.
Green uses a practical approach to solve some issues of the appellate court system such as pointing out some of the ways to repair the “machinery of death”(Ackley 377). He interjects that pragmatism should eclipse the battle by offering a compromise... View More »

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This is only one case, how many more cases like this are there that have not been written about. How many innocent men must be put to death before the death penalty is abolished.
Our capital punishment system is unreliable at best. A recent study by Columbian University Law School found that two-thirds of all capital trials contain serious errors (“The Death Penalty”). When the cases were retried, over 80% of the defendants were not sentenced to the death penalty and 7% were acquitted. That clearly illustrates that there is definitely something wrong with our judicial system.
Another strong arguing point is the cost to prosecute and house or ultimately execute prisoners. What gives us the right to put a dollar amount on a human life? Many feel we are overstepping our bounds and rights as humans. You may hear many numbers about the cost of housing a prisoner; although, consensus is that it is more expensive to prosecute a death penalty case and house the prisoner that will be executed than it is to simply house an inmate for life without the possibility of parole.
The cost of trying a death penalty case is said to be close to one million dollars in the majority of information regarding these cases. Imagine how much money would be saved if the death penalty was abolished. Would it not be much cheaper to give out life without parole and incorporate some type of factory work that would make the prisoners support their prison and all cost associated with housing them?
More often than not, studies show that the death penalty is not an effective deterrent of ...

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