Defining Your True Self

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“Defining Your True Self”

Perneita Price-Sylve
July 30, 2007

Men of today’s era or beginning to dress more stylish. They are beginning to fill in the gap of lost clothing of the ancient times. Men in the older days wore more of the trousers and jackets of some sort. In today’s era, men dress more relaxed than ever before. If I had to give a reason, it’s probably because of the more relaxed atmosphere. Instead of the trousers, most men of all ages dress in jeans of all kinds (depending on the occasion) a jean can be either dressed causal or un-causal. A trouser or a slack (which is a better terminology for this era) is usual worn to a more professional occasion, not for everyday wear. Men in the older days also wore... View More »

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The big earrings, tights, short skirts, big purses, colored short nails, extraordinary colors, leg warmers and pointed-toe shoes. Females have always changed with fashion and always will.
Below is a picture of 2007 distinguished males and females.

In the United States, society had the biggest say so on the status of a U.S. citizen. You can distinguish a rich, middle-class, and poor man all from the style of dress. The way a person dresses will determine their status. A blue collar worker can be seen in an Armani suit and a Rolex watch and this will signify that he is a wealth man and has power within his position. A middle class woman can be seen in a button down shirt with a nice pair of Dillard’s slack and she will labeled as middle class. Money determines your style of dress in the U.S. Everyone wants to be labeled wealthy so we act wealthy. In other words, Beyonce is wealth and she wears the best, society looks at her and tries to dress like her in designer clothing to determine their wealth. Someone as simple as a well known singer can determine the status of a U.S. citizen. In the U.S. higher status will be determined by styles of dress.
Below are pictures to illustrate different levels of status within the U.S.

Upper Class Middle-Class

The future generations will be able to identify styles of dress from many different group memberships. Wealthy religious leaders, power politics, and hip-hop cultures will leave evidence behind. In today’s era ...

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