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There are various disciplines within exercise science. You can choose different disciplines depending on what you want your career to be. Three different types of disciplines are Athletic Training, Exercise and Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. They are all different and have different purposes within. Athletic Training deals with prevention; care and rehabilitation of injuries to people that are physically active. Exercise and Sports Psychology deals with the importance of body movement and the effect the mind has on it. Lastly Sports Nutrition deals with food and good eating habits (4).
Athletic Training
Athletic Training first started in the 1900’s-1925 in the United States. Athletic Training is the health profession dealing... View More »

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Classes you will need to take for this profession are human physiology, human anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology/biomechanics, nutrition, acute care of injury and illness, statistics and research design, strength training and reconditioning (1).
Exercise and Sports Psychology
Another discipline is Exercise and Sports Psychology. It studies the way mental factors affect ones performance in sports and other physical activities. This discipline started in the 1960’s to the early 1970’s. A man by the name of Carl Diem, a German, founded the world’s first sports psychology laboratory in 1920. A.Z. Puni opened another lab at the Institute of Physical Culture in Leningrad. In 1925 Cloman Griffith opened the first sports psychology lab in North America. In 1933 he offered the first sports psychology course (2).
The research objectives focus in on what about ones personality would lead them to play or get involved in certain sports and physical activities. It also examines ones confidence and the effect that it has on their performance. Another objective is focused on how exercise training may influence anxiety, depression, or the well being of a person. It also focuses on how sport performance may influence feelings of self-confidence and self-efficiency (2). Different organizations that you could become involved in that have to do with sports psychology are the ISSP, also known as the International Society of Sports Psychology and NASPSPA, which is the North American Society of Sport Psychology and Physical Activity. The first journal written for sports psychology was ...

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