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There are three components of emotion: First is the physiological arousal, second is expressive behaviors, and the third is conscious experience. Many have come up with theories as to when we feel emotion. William James and Carl Lange stated that we feel emotion after we have noticed our physiological responses. On the other hand Walter Cannon and Philip Bard say that we feel emotion as our bodies respond. Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer`s presumed that emotions have two components, physical arousal and cognitive label. Also that the two-factor theories of emotion primarily focus on the interplay of thinking and feeling, but not of the timing of emotion.

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The muscle then allows the body to respond as though we were experiencing those states. Behavior Feedback Hypothesis states that if we were to move our body as though we were experiencing it we would feel that to a certain point or degree.

Two basic dimensions you can place emotions are arousal and valence. The following are ten basic emotions stated by Carroll Izard: joy, excitement, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt, fear, shame and guilt. Many psychologist also say that pride and love can also be considered as basic emotions. We develop fear through experience. When we go through fears it establishes conditioning and observational learning. We are born with a biological fear towards snakes, spiders, heights, bombs and fire. The amygdala plays a huge role in fear it receives information from cortical areas which process emotion. It then sends the information to symptoms which produce fear. Fear isn’t just a feeling but more of a genetic. Catharsis Hypothesis- Idea that releasing negative energy will calm the aggressive tendencies. Researchers do not agree with this, they say that if you vent it will calm you temporarily and in fact will allow your anger to increase. Best way to release anger is to wait until you are calm and collect and do it in a way that is reconciling instead of retaliation. When you first wake up and before you go to sleep you have negative emotions. Primarily seven hours after you rise is when you are at a positive peek depending on the occurrences that happened that day. After your peek of positive emotion is starts to diminish ...

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