Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Many pregnant women are not aware of the complications that are involved with pregnancy. The greater majority of young women see pregnancy as a way of bringing a life into the world but do not use precaution in their dietary habits to prevent the destruction or inhibition of such a life. Most pregnant women continue on their drinking and drug abuse binge right throughout their pregnancy. They do not think ahead to the inexplicable damage that it could do to their fetus. What they do not know is that when a woman drinks while pregnant it could do damage, and pose problems not only to herself, but to the fetus that she is carrying. The problem? FAS, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. According to many physicians it is the leading cause of... View More »

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As I stated before many factors do play a role in the development of FAS in an infant. The most prominent among these are the frequency and the quantity of maternal alcohol consumption during the pregnancy. The timing of the gestation of alcohol is what determines the level of abnormalities that occur. The stage of development at which alcohol consumption takes place and that in correlation to the gestation period, nutritional status, and genetic background all play parts in the development of the baby and its defects. The alcohol that is being consumed does have an effect on the cellular and molecular development of the fetus and that is what generally underlies the development of FAS. There are specifics in diagnosing that doctors look for in treating a patient for FAS. First of all the eyes are the most common and consistent sign of FAS, the eyelids especially. Children often appear to have widely spaced eyes but measurements reveal that they are spaced apart normally. This disparity in sight is caused by short "fissures (eye openings)". The distance between the inner and outer corners of each eye is palpebral shortened making the eyes appear smaller and farther apart than normal. Following the downward pattern, the next common facial defect in children of FAS/FAE is slow growth in the center of the face. This produces an underdeveloped midface and the zone between the eye and the mouth may seem to be flattened or depressed and in congruence the bridge of the nose is often very low. As a result of slow nose growth, the nose tends to point forward and downward in that ...

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