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PHI 310-003
Foucault - Scientia Sexualis and Ars Erotica

Foucault believes that our society deals in the scientia sexualis where as outside of Western culture many view sexuality through the ars erotica. Western civilization looks at sexuality from a scientific approach where as others view it through the idea of pleasure. There is quite a difference between the two perspectives and they are equally very interesting ideas. I ask myself how I would like to view sexuality when thinking of the two forms that Foucault identifies for us, through pleasure or science? Pleasure seems to be appealing but science offers certainty for those who are not comfortable with their own sexuality.
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Both are equally important ways of looking at sex either in the form of facts or desire. It is possible that both are needed equally among people to have an understanding of what sexuality involves and how to indulge yourself in your own sexuality. Much of what you desire to experience can be gathered from science and the personal experience of others. The idea of sexuality can be both sensual and intellectual when dealing with the ars erotica and scientia sexualis.
To think that power is polyvalent or better yet that power comes from every where is certainly true and is part of both aspects that Foucault highlights. The ars erotica and scientia sexualis both hold their own form of power. The idea of repressing sexuality as is the concept of scientia sexualis in a way fuels power. Today we believe that society is holding down the ability to have sexual release. This may hold true but the myth could as well be that we are sexually repressed. The idea that we are sexually repressed is actually what brings form to our sexuality by bringing forth the desire for confession. We confess in church or in therapy the thoughts that we believe are socially unacceptable which in tale allows us to free ourselves. This freedom of our thoughts allows us the power that we feel we have been repressed from having. A sense of power is necessary for all humans in some form or shape. It is a healthy feeling as long as it is a small sense of power within ones self. The concept of normalcy is obtained through holding this power. We are deemed normal through many different ways ...

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