Greyhound Racing

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Greyhounds: To race or not to race

Greyhound racing became popular during the 1930’s and is currently legal in 15 states. Florida, boasting 16 tracks, is the state with the most tracks for racing (Simmons, n.d.). The debate over greyhound racing began around 1980 and continues to this day. I would like to examine the pros and cons of greyhound racing and offer my own position on this “sport”.
The Pros
Greyhound racing is a sport that is enjoyed and bet on by many people. One pro of racing in Florida is that, along with the betting, comes an annual sin tax that is divided equally between all of the counties in the state. Although the amount... View More »

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d.). Also, the HSUS believes that greyhounds are not treated humanely because they feel the racing is only about the money and not the dogs. The HSUS would like the American people to follow a few simple steps to help eliminate greyhound racing. They suggest that we do not patronize tracks or place bets, educate everyone we know about the realities of racing, volunteer at a local protection organization, and possibly adopt a rescued greyhound.
In 2002 David Halbfinger wrote an article for The New York Times in which he tells us about a man that was arrested in Alabama for 3 counts of animal cruelty. According to authorities, this man had been disposing of greyhounds for several years by shooting them in the head and throwing them in a pit. The greyhounds were brought to him by people who were done using them for racing. The man admitted that he had killed between one to three thousand dogs over the last 10 years and received $10 each for killing them. The article goes on to charge that greyhounds are basically mass produced and if they don’t perform well, they are killed. Sometimes, like in Spain, the dogs are put to death by hanging at the end of the racing season (Halbfinger, 2002). In essence, the con is that there are thousands of unnecessary deaths, sometimes inhumane, each year.
In the article Going to the Dogs, written by David Samuels, he quotes an article written in the St. Petersburg Times on September 10, 1987. The quote states that so many dogs are killed at a Florida animal shelter during racing season that they had to build a new incinerator to ...

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