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HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY As one Harley puts it, It's one thing to have people buy your products. It's another for them to tattoo your name on their bodies. Harley-Davidson is the only major US maker of motorcycles and the nation's #1 seller of heavyweight motorcycles. Harley-Davidson offers 24 models of touring and custom cycles. Harley has held the largest share of the U.S. heavyweight motorcycle market since 1986. Besides its bikes, Harley-Davidson sells a licensed line of clothing and accessories with the company name. Also, gaining attention are the Harley-Davidson Cafes, located in various cities including New York City and Las Vegas. These successful restaurants provide Harley enthusiasts with great food, souvenir merchandise... View More »

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At the time the company was producing 14000 cycles per year. The merger bolstered Harley’s growth with financial strength of AMF. The company then moved its assembly operation to York, PA, leaving only the engine production and World headquarters in Wisconsin. Also housed in York is the Harley-Davidson Antique Motorcycle Museum. It houses a collection of more than 40 military and police bikes depicting the evolution of the motorcycle and Harley history from 1903 to the present day. The 70’s saw a decline in the market. A flood of imports from Japan and quality problems created major problems for the company. In the 80’s, 13 members of HD management purchased the company from AMF and brought a return to quality and implemented new management and manufacturing techniques. It accomplished this turnaround by being one of the first US companies to use Just in time inventory policies, statistical processes and employee involvement programs. In 1982, the company convinced the International Trade Commission (ITC) that the glut of imported Japanese bikes were a threat of injury. Additional Tariffs were imposed on the imports for five years. Giving the company a chance to revitalize its place in the market. It did this in just three years by retooling and streamlining its operations. In 1995 the company expanded its international operations in Windsor, England to manage the European market. Europe is the largest heavyweight motorcycle market in the world, fully 18 percent larger than the market in the United States. H-D shipped 132,285 motorcycles in 1997 and shipped 147,000 in ...

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