How Shakespear Creats Humor In A Midsummer Nights Dream

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Comic Fools

To create humor in drama, one must either make witty

wordplay, create an amusing situation, or use physical

comedy. Often jokes may be incorporated into a play, or a

comic situation may result in a series of complicated

antics. The tradition for some of these comic devices has

been carried over for hundreds of years, dating back to

Shakespeare in the 1600's. In his play, A Midsummer Night's

Dream, Shakespeare creates humor through three diverse

devices: oxymoron's, malapropisms and mistaken identities.

All result in a farcical mix of comic situations.

Wordplay, such as the use of oxymorons, is an abundant

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idea of Bottom as a mistress makes the malapropism even

funnier. The joke can go even further, since Bottom does

become Titania's donkey paramour.

Wordplay is not the only type of humor generated in

Shakespeare's play. The other type of humor is a form of

slapstick in which mistaken identities cause an uproar of

emotional mix-ups. The background of the play is a simple

love "square" involving four people. Hermia loves Lysander

and Lysander loves her, but Demetrious also loves Hermia,

and Helena loves Demetrious. Hermia and Demetrious are

engaged to wed against Hermia's will. They all end up

running off into the wood on a magic eve where fairy

mischief turns everything upside down. While asleep, Puck,

a fairy, squeezes juice from a flower that makes whomever's

eye it enters fall in love with the first person they see.

He puts it onto Lysander's eye, thinking he was Demetrius.

This begins the havoc of mistaken identities, because Helena

is the first person he sees, which causes him to fall in

love with her instead of Hermia. So now, Lysander loves

Helena, Helena loves Demetrius, Demetrius loves Hermia and

Hermia loves Lysander. The confusion snowballs. Every

encounter the couples have gets more confusing and

exasperating. "Never did mockers waste more idle breath."

Next Puck realizes his mistake and puts the flower juice on

Demetrius' eyes, making him fall in love with Helena as

well. Helena, whose love ...

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