How Would You Want Your Audience To Respond To The Character Of Ismene Explain How You Would Perform The Role In Each Of Her Two Appearances In The Play In Order To Achieve Your Aims

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How would you want your audience to respond to the character of Ismene? Explain how you would perform the role in each of her two appearances in the play in order to achieve your aims.

Ismene is sister to Antigone, but their personalities and attitudes are complete opposites to each other. Antigone is proud and defiant, where Ismene has a more commonsense and subservient attitude. I would like the audience to respond to her character with pity, reverence also shock at the hidden strength that the character reveals.

Ismene’s first appearance in the play is in the prologue with Antigone. In this scene the two sister’s contrasting personalities are very apparent. Within this scene I would like the audience to pity Ismene and... View More »

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I will do this to increase the audiences reverence, as its very apparent that the character of Ismene loved her brother.

When Atigone gets to the pinnacle of her description of what is to happen to their brother, “The kites and the vultures catch the scent, and tear him to pieces and pick him to the bone.” I will have Ismene shed a single tear, this is to show that even though she is hurting inside unlike her headstrong sister she knows that she cannot be shown to have a problem with her uncle’s decree. For the next few lines between the two sisters I will stand Ismene up and have her turn her back on Antigone whilst they carry out their conversation. At this point I would like the audience to pity Ismene even more as it is obvious that she doesn’t have the courage to question her sister about her intentions to their uncles orders. I will keep this up until Ismene figures out what her sister means to do, “to bury him you mean? In spite of the decree?” when Ismene delivers this line I shall have her spin around, and deliver the line in a hurried whisper, this is to convey her fear at what her sister is suggesting. I shall also use this technique when she delivers the line “You must be mad! Creon has publicly forbidden it.”, and when she speaks Creon’s name I shall have her look around nervously again as if she expects him to turn up then and there. I would like the audience to completely pity Ismene at this moment, and the fact the character sees herself as completely inferior to men.

When Antigone shows no wavering in her resolve, this is when I want the audience to ...

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