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It is a curious fact that the current surge of interest in business ethics has
largely bypassed the theory and the practice of human resource management (HRM).While business as a whole is presenting itself more and more in terms of social responsibility, and employees are routinely accepted as crucial stake- holders in most business organizations, HRM practice continues to affirm its significance for corporate profitability and prefers to distance itself from its traditional welfare image. It is, therefore, timely to revisit the subject of ethics in employment with respect to HRM, and to do so in a way that brings out the complexity of articulating a conception of ethical HRM that goes beyond a shaky affirmation that... View More »

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In the same way, the employee’s dependence on a particular employer will rest on whether there are employment opportunities elsewhere. Nevertheless the employment relationship is important for both sides. It is therefore not surprising that it has attracted much attention and that ethical dilemmas associated with the relationship have for long been the subject of analysis.
Several recent debates about ethics and HRM are summarized in the Winstanley andWoodall (2000) edited compilation of papers originally given at conferences in the UK. They briefly note how various management theories might be seen to approach ethics and HRM, and then explore some ethical dilemmas associated with particular HRM practices, for example recruitment and selection, training and development, work practices, remuneration, and employee participation. They conclude that there are significant constraints facing ethical HRM. Rather than continue this form of analysis, this chapter comments on the underlying social and political theories that have influenced ideas about work and society, and have a relevance in the more specific field of employment and work.
The analysis of ethics and HRM can be related to the socio-political frameworks that have been used for many years to explore the nature of authority, government, and consent within society. Ethical dilemmas within work organizations often reflect ethical dilemmas about society as a whole and the role and organization of government in society. The theoretical frameworks for one can contribute to the analysis of the other.
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