Human Vision In Space

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Human visual hardware is a result of a billion years of evolution within the earths atmosphere where light is scattered by molecules of air, moisture, particular matter etc. However as we ascend into our atmosphere with decrease density, light distribution is changed resulting in our visual hardware receiving visual data in different format. Some Aspects to Consider: 1. Visual acuity is the degree to which the details and contours of objects are perceived. Visual acuity is usually defined in terms of minimum separable.Large variety of factors influence this complex phenomenon which includes : # Optical factors- state of the image forming mechanisms of the eye. # Retinal factors such as the state of... View More »

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without stereoscopic vision "Empty field myopia" prevails. Empty Field Myopia is a condition in which the eyes, having nothing in the visual field upon which to focus, focus automatically at about 9 feet . An astronaut/cosmonaut experiencing empty field myopia focusing at 9 ft would be unable see objects at a range close as 100 ft. If another spacecraft, satellite, meteorite or L.E.M entered his field of vision, he would not be able to determine the size nor the distance. Solution: Man does not face any hostile environment in his birthday suit, the clothing industry and need for walk in closet say it all. In space we will wear our exoskeleton just as we wear winter jackets in winter and we will wear our helmets with visors to maintain our internal environment, filter out all those nasty rads etc. Since Empty Field Myopia is secondary to loss of reference points why not just build them into the visor itself giving the eye points of reference-- create a virtual reality ??? This line of speculation leads to amazing concepts...... To learn more about the concept of virtual universe in the helmet read: Journal: Air & Space, [smithsonian publication] article: Big Picture by Steven L.Thompson. illustrated by Dale Glasgow. About creation of virtual universe with new computer and software tech in the helmets of F-16 fighter pilots-- this is not a theoretical possibility but a reality. A MUST READ. Note: One aspect of adaptation to microgravity [space sickness] is an increased dependence on visual as opposed to vestibular mechanisms in the ...

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