Illegal Immigrants And Why They Need To Leave America

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Illegal Immigrants and Why They Need to Leave America
One of the most prominent and controversial issues facing Americans in their everyday lives is that of illegal immigration. There are many factors that go into the issue of illegal immigration, these include what laws should be passed, whether immigration should be illegal or not, and putting a stop to the number of illegal immigrants who enter into the United States. Every year, this issue becomes more controversial, with more Americans losing their jobs to those who are not legal citizens, merely because the employer can pay the illegal immigrant less. It has become evident that something most be done in order to stop the problem of illegal immigration into the United States of... View More »

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This causes many Americans to lose jobs every day. “Half of the 2.3 million increase in immigrant employment since 2000 is estimated to be from illegal immigration,” (Camarota, 2004).
Another prominent issue is whether or not illegal immigrants pay taxes. Most immigrants either don’t pay taxes or don’t pay as many taxes as most American’s do. Though immigrants may pay taxes they are normally only sales taxes. There are very few who actually pay federal taxes using a Tax Identification Number. Many American’s feel this is unfair and that all immigrants need to be tracked and given some kind of identification number, so they can pay taxes just like the citizens of the United States.
Another issue the United States face is that illegal immigrants often come here to work and send the money home so their families can live a better life. After making so money and sending it home the immigrant can then go back to his or her country. They should not be able to do this because then they may not have to face the poor style of living American’s do from the immigrant taking their job, or from making the same amount of money as an immigrant. By letting these illegal immigrants do this the United States is letting them believe that it is alright for them to send their money back to their families, having used American resources and then leave to go back to their home country and live a much better life. Concerning legal immigrants, “Latin American immigrants in Virginia are expected to send home more than $1.1 billion from their wages this year, nearly double what they sent just ...

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