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A large European country is collecting personal tax returns from citizens and would like to perform that activity through an online system. Within the first three years of operations, the system is expected to collect and process the returns for 50% of the population representing a sum of around $132bn. The system would be built by a private company having experience in running large-scale data centers. Such a system would be used by government employees and citizens using passwords generated by the government but able to be modified at any time by the citizens.
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3. Risks & Mitigation Strategies

Disaster recovery is a way to deal with impact of critical risks in case they do happen. Proper planning has to take place for disaster recovery to function properly. The whole point of disaster recovery is to end the effect of any disaster as soon as possible and attend to consequences of the disaster in an attempt to fix whatever mishaps that occurred in the process. This might entail the need to shut down all systems in case of a security breach for example or assess how much damage was done to equipment in the event of an earthquake and what would be the best way to fix things.
Efficient emergency planning calls for knowledge in all facets of disaster management. Recovery from a certain disaster is considered effective only if it is planned ahead of time and no considerable downtime is incurred as a result of the disaster. Downtime caused by the occurrence of disasters, whether it is natural or man made, can have severe consequences on the capability of a company’s business, productivity and quality of service. Hence, it is vital for senior management to consider preparing a risk assessment and take measures to limit losses that might be caused as a result of the imposed risks. Depending on the service provider, for instance, financial institutions can be affected with losses in a matter of minutes while insurance companies might be out of action for 12 hours before being badly affected.
In the light of business continuity and disaster recovery processes, it would be important to think of the following set of events as part ...

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