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So your parents always told you that you have to do chores, “Can you wash the dishes, Can you take out the trash”, the list goes on and on. The one thing that you’re always asked is “can you do the laundry?” Well the days where you were asked to do chores is over, now you have to actually do your chores…by yourself. As a college student we all have to do our own laundry. When you do your laundry you want them to look the same color as they went in. Every time we wash a white shirt we do not want them to be blue, or green or pink. This is the guide to getting a load of laundry done the right way while you’re at college.
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For the sake of the example of this paper we will say you picked to do your colors first. As you stand over the washer machine, you will open the lid whether it be a top or side load machine (for the example it will be top load), and fill your detergent cap full with some detergent. Then, you will pour the detergent around the bottom of the laundry machine. At this point if you had liquid fabric softener you would add it here as well as the detergent. If you were washing whites you would add the bleach at this point as well. Once the detergent is at the bottom of the washer, you will start placing your clothes around into the washer. There is a suggested fill line at which point you fill your laundry to. Then depending on the price of your wash, you will put the quarters in the quarter slot to pay for the load. Close the lid and then it is time to select your wash type. Since you are washing colors, which could consist of lights and darks, you will want to wash your clothes in a warm or permanent press cycle. This is a mild wash cycle and adds a cool rinse cycle at the end to protect the colors. At this point if you were washing whites, you would put it on a hot cycle, which is a more agitated was cycle because it doesn’t worry about colors bleeding. If you were washing delicates, then you would select the delicates option which is a very short low agitation cycle and uses cold water. Now that you have selected which type of load you are washing, you hit that button and wait until the cycle is done, which could take about 28-35 minutes. The washers at ...

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