Mariculture Underwater Agriculture

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As the Spanish entered the capital city of Tenochtitlan they were astounded at the many marvels of the city but one of the things that most caught the eyes of the foreigners was the extensive plant growth on the lake surrounding the city. These images were describe the among the first recorded descriptions of large scale mariculture. Mariculture, or aquaculture, refers to the rearing of the aquatic organisms under controlled or semi controlled conditions. Although there is a simple difference between the two, aquaculture generally refers to the exploitation of freshwater fish and mariculture more generally refers to the culture and farming of marine organisms. Simply put mariculture is underwater agriculture. There are many... View More »

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The next method of mariculture is hatchery stocking this process happens when people create a safe environment such as tanks, pools, or concrete or earth ponds into which they pour fish eggs. These eggs are cared for and are provided with the essential things such as nutrients and correct temperatures in which to thrive. The fish are born and raised to a certain stage and then are moved to open waters or such places as lakes, streams, and ponds. In this way these habitats are provided with ample supplies of fish and other marine organisms. Another method involves the use of enclosures and retainers. This certain method can be described in three separate ways, natural feed, supplemental feed, and no natural feed. The natural feed method works by separating the desired fish and the food providers of the fish from there predators in there own natural waters by the use of netted embayments and cages, thereby allowing the provider to grow and multiply in its own habitat and this in turn allows the fish to multiply. The second way is supplemental feed and this method works by isolating fish in tanks or concrete ponds. In these tanks or ponds fish are reared through the use of supplemental feeds along with natural feed that is pumped in from the sea. This allows the fish to have a lot of food supply making sure the fish get nice and fat for the market that they are being primed for. The third method works much like the second involving the tanks and ponds but this time there is no natural feed pumped in instead fertilizers take the place of natural feed along with ...

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