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“Metamorphosis” was originally written by “Franz Kafka”. David Farr and Gisli Orn Gardarsson adapted their own version of Kafka’s story for the stage production. The play is about a man, Gregor, who turns into a beetle and finds it hard to be accepted by his own family. At first his sister, Greta, helps him and gives him food and cares for him. However, after she gets a job at a well paid company and finds a man, she forgets about Gregor and finds him more of a chore that has to be done, than a family member. Sadly, Gregor dies at the end of the play and rather than the family grieving, they set out for a walk to a flower garden and are happy that he has gone. It... View More »

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As he was in a plain costume the audience were able to see how he would adapt his movement and posture.
Thors’s posture during the play is not that which of a human’s, naturally it is more of a bug’s. He is mostly bent over, and creeps around. He would have the habit to itch and never stands up straight for a long time. Gregor would travel around his room by climbing on walls, which is very interesting. As it is a bird’s eye view to the audience, it is very interesting that the rest of the family don’t walk around the room like Gregor does. Gregor takes the gravity at that which the room is at, to portray Gregor’s metamorphosis, whereas the family just walk into the room. This is a contrast which shows how much they are different now. When Gregor eats he doesn’t use his hands, and Thors does this to show that he has become more a of creature now; an outcast. Another habit that Gregor has was to hop around a lot, he would stay still for ages and then suddenly move in an abrupt manner. During the middle part of the play he sat in the middle like a frog. With both hands and feet on the floor, and had a hunchback. Even when he climbed on the walls he would creep around, never showing any stiff movements. However, these habits change when in the early scene when Greta, the mother and father are trying to forget about Gregor’s sudden change and start talking about money. Gregor then creeps downstairs and stands on a chair behind them, and his posture changes. His posture is a lot more straight, however stiff. But when he jumps off the chair he is back to himself again. ...

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