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An essay on Neptune, explaining in depth how the planet functions at social, physical and psychological levels.

“With a powerful Neptune one may never be ‘normal’ whatever that is - but one is likely to
be extremely interesting and alive.“ Liz Greene

The Planet Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It is also known as the Blue Giant.

Neptune is the fourth and outermost of the gas giant planets and also has rings. In Greek

mythology Neptune was the god of the Sea, shown by the trident which is used as its glyph.

From an Astrological perspective, Neptune rules the 12th House, and is the co-ruler of Pisces,

(Jupiter being the traditional ruler), and its energy is expressed through symbolic language, music... View More »

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Neptune in Capricorn, 1984 - 1998 manifested fantasies about wealth, fame and practical
idealism. The attempt to control the use of illegal drugs while pharmaceutical drug use
increased, e.g. Valium.

Neptune’s like the other slow moving planets, guiding each generation toward its collective
spiritual destiny. Because of this, it’s often easier to see how it influenced a particular period in


In the Physical world, Neptune seems to be most closely associated with drugs, prisons, hospitals,

and music. Some astrologers believe that Neptune is the planet of creative imagination, but this

does not mean that all artists, writers and musicians have a strong Neptune. It may simply mean

they are a dreamer with the ability to "escape." It can embody a person as a martyr or could

appear as a person who’s vocation is to care for others, whether this is a relative, in a hospital or

care location. So on one side, Neptune can be seen as a planet of mercy and compassion.

However more negative manifestations of Neptune can include deception, trickery, deceit and

guilt. Individuals can be vulnerable to other influences, hence it’s association with addiction,

intoxication and living in a fantasy world instead of the real world. It signifies a dissolving of

boundaries and being out of control. It can also signify intolerance to drugs. Neptune’s link to drug

and pharmacological products stems from Neptune's discovery, which coincided with advancement

in the world of pharmaceuticals.

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