Normal Girl In A Barbies World

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I can remember waking up before the sun came up on Christmas morning, running downstairs in my pajamas and plunging down towards the base of the tree, frantically trying to get my hands on all of the neatly wrapped gifts that had “To Ashley, Love Santa” written on them in big, black letters. I’d carefully organize all of my presents into a pile as I waited impatiently for my parents; as the rule was that I couldn’t open up any presents until they awoke. Quickly, my anticipation began to grow as I started to feel around on all of the gifts, putting them up to my ear and shaking them up and down to see if I could somehow guess what was underneath the sparkly paper. I began to recognize a familiar shaped box, small and rectangular, not too... View More »

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” Well, this “everything” girl for young girls has become jumping off point for what could easily become a life long struggle with body image and self worth. Barbie’s portrayed image is seen throughout the media; beautiful, rich women in movies and magazines and it is these images that never seem to go away, in fact they’re glamorized as they continue to grow in today’s culture. And to allow young girls to be susceptible to this distorted image of perfection and beauty at such an early age could be damaging. “Kids aren't just playing with toys, they are watching movies, they are going to shows, they are wearing clothes,” said Chris Byrne, an independent toy industry analyst. “So the Barbie brand — it's not just dolls anymore. It's $3 billion worth of merchandise and entertainment around the world every year.”(Is it time...) Barbie’s face is popping up everywhere and the stereotype she represents is worn on her sleeve, ever so slowly infecting the minds of young kids.
Iran is a country that saw Barbie and Ken as an indisputable problem, as these toys overwhelmed Iran’s toy market. However, they came up with an alternative. Their names are Dara and Sara, and they are Iran’s new Barbie and Ken. Dara and Sara are Muslim dolls created by the government agency to promote Iran’s traditional values with modest clothing and pro-family backgrounds. These dolls are seen as an attempt to flush out the over stereotyped American dolls that have flooded their shelves. Despite Iran’s attempt to preserve their heritage and cultural values, the US remains steadfast in continuing to place ...

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