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Nutrition is a very important factor when preventing and promoting health among adolescence. Eating habits not only affect the way they look and feel, but how they grow and how their brain develops. Poor eating habits impact on what, and who they will be as adults and puts them at many risks for many diseases. You are what you eat, and absolutely nothing could be closer to the truth. Most health problems today are a direct result of poor nutrition. Healthy eating is not a lifestyle; it is a necessity. Eating right keeps us healthy, can restore health, prevent illness, and help us to cope better with problems. Do we want anything less in our lives? It is estimated that 75% to 90% of the cardiovascular disease epidemic is related to... View More »

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If these needs are not met it can lead to depletion of energy stores, muscle wastage, and cardiac dysfunction and interruptions in growth, sexual maturation and function. All body tissues are susceptible to inadequate nourishment. For example, normal bone strength may never be attained if adolescents are malnourished. Brain structure may be altered, and unless the situation is rapidly reversed, short term damage may extend to severely undermine adult health (CITE).

To “fit in” society today, there is little room for error. As a culture, we have created certain “ideals of perfection” which we expect people to live up to. There are many bad stigmas placed on others in society whether it is based on race, gender, sexual orientation or physical appearance. Society places a strong emphasis on being attractive and this means having a fit and slim figure. There is no doubt that people are treated according to how they look and those who are overweight and do not fit the ideal will suffer. Although this is a sad truth, everyone is not equal and these differences cause obese people to experience many hardships. This pattern is consistent with the general view of conflict theory, which suggests that everyone in society is not equal. Those with power dominate over others in society and, in many instances; those who are attractive have greater power and influence than those who do not. For example, the majority of athletes, models and movie stars are very attractive with incredible bodies and they have quite a bit of power due to this. In general, obese individuals have a ...

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