Paintball Trip

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Feeling the intense stinging when you are marked with a paintball knowing you cannot continue with your teammates. The referee screams for you to exit the field, while you proceed towards the outlet, in hopes of being able to avoid any crossfire from the remaining contenders. The premier war game of our time, paintball is a sport in which you combine preparation, strategy, agility, and drop all fears in hopes of overcoming your opponents in a conflict to obtain victory over an opposing team. Beginning your day preparing your custom paintball gun or marker, fixed to your preferences, for battle. Teams huddled around a table, discussing their field strategies among your faction. Once the seeding is finished all teams crowd around, as... View More »

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The second flag match being center flag, only 1 flag on the field hanging in the center for a contender to grasp and continue forward and bring it to the opposing team’s side to win the match. Plans usually consist of two backs for cover fire and three forwards to rush the opponent unless you are running a flag match in which one of the forwards will concentrate on retrieving the flag. A good team will have there backs on opposite sides of the field in the back in a spot they can view most of the field for optimal cover support. One forward will attempt to control the snake which is a formidable bunker for forward support considering it can cover all sides making it harder for your opponent to sneak up on you, making it a high priority object to control. Another forward will rush the opposite side that the snake is on to attempt to reach the other side to be able to provide fire from the other side thus giving you control of the field. The last forward will run up the middle trying to bunker people, the term bunker is used by contenders meaning you run behind or past someone and shot them from close range.

The scratching of the P A can be herd though out the complex signaling the next team up, once your team name is called you head onto the field thought a small door of hanging plastic to prevent any stray fire from leaving the field. Both teams meet in the center with the referee providing them with the rules, after being sent to the sides the teams must line up with there guns touching the back wall. The referee signals a 10 second count down, the contenders ...

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