Remembering An Event

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I do not actually remember when I got my first pair of boxing gloves; I just remember them being there. They were red with chewed up white elastic around the wrist section and Mike Tyson’s autograph replicated on the knuckle. They were all chewed up because when we would put on one glove we would use our mouths to put on the other glove. I do not know what intrigued me about this vicious sport, but I loved every second of it. I guess I thought that being the world champ meant that you had nothing to fear, like superman. My dad always told my brother and I about the undefeated heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano and every time I would hear these stories I thought that is who I want to be when I grow up.
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I won my first match and I felt exactly how I thought I would, like superman.
The next week Friday was basically our first real event. We had 2 matches and charged one dollar admission but only made about fourteen dollars. The problem with PAB was that everyone would come drunk and/or high and not want to fight. This was not the case with the first match, my friend Dan vs. my other friend Dan. The one Dan was high and the other Dan was high, drunk, and drinking in between rounds, of course this caught up to him in the second round when he lost by a 10 count knockdown. The second match was me vs. this chubby 6’3” kid named Josh Marshall. It lasted about 15 seconds but this time I knock my opponent down. Josh was a little intoxicated but he did not even hit me once. After this Friday, PAB would be the new thing for seniors, juniors, and sophomores to do on Friday nights.
The next week we had 34 people crammed into the 16’ by 16’ laundry room and we decided that we would move it to my friend Kyle’s backyard. The first week at Kyle’s, Kyle and I both lost. Well Kyle didn’t have an explanation, but my explanation was that I fought with one hand. It is not that I thought I could win the fight with one hand; I just wanted to prove to myself that I could not be knocked down. The kid that I was boxing was named Wes Laney; he was about my height and weight and he was very ugly. When I put my hand behind my back I realized that I would not be able to block any of his punches and I didn’t. I basically let him punch me in the head repetitively until he got tired and then I would ...

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