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Engineering Research
Radio Frequency Engineering

Tecillo, Ruan
Intro. To Engineering
Radio Frequency Engineering

This research essay has been written on the Radio Frequency engineering topic. Radio Frequency engineering has been of interest to me over the last few years. Having been an avionics technician in the military for five years has made me want to learn RF in depth. During these five years as an avionics technician I worked with Communication, Navigation, Radar, Displays and other electrical systems and subsystems. During these years I have only had the opportunity to replace and/or repair assemblies at a component level but never understood how the component internals function. Also,... View More »

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This class concentrates on theoretical analysis and design of the antenna. Finally, the Advanced Microwave Circuit Design class teaches the student advanced electrical and Radio Frequency circuit designs and manufacturing. These classes in my opinion are essential for a good knowledgeable RF Engineer. This type of degree and education would take several years and definitely would require a career in this field to dedicate myself to this education. However, I believe I am determined enough to obtain the goal of being a Radio Frequency Engineer and pursuing it as a career.
Salary for RF engineers can be very rewarding. In 2006, only 46,100 RF engineers were employed in the U.S, making them the smallest sector of engineering as a whole. These low numbers of RF engineers makes them a very sought after individual specialized in this trait and also directly affects the average starting salary of a new RF engineer coming out of school. Reported starting salary offers for graduates in 2006 with a BS in Electrical Engineering which pursued RF career averaged $56,630 a year. Location is a very important factor and variable that determinant of salary. Typically salaries tend to be higher in West Coast areas and major metropolitan cities. The highest reported staring salaries for RF Engineers are in California, were they average mid $80s. This is mainly due to the cost of living expenses and higher prices of goods attributed the regions economy. Also, this may also include a starting bonus for new hires, this is not uncommon. These salary trends for RF engineers are likely to ...

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