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Metal Gear Online Review

Metal Gear Online delivers in all ways, it does what it's meant to do be a great tactical online shooter, the map either turns into a blood bath, sniper paradise or both.
You've got the MGS4 engine, some customizable soldiers, original and new maps and you've got METAL GEAR ONLINE.
Saying it was just MGS4 and then online on top,would be a insult :o
The online warrants its own, BD disc, its own cover art its own game, similar to something along the lines of warhawk.

Before you begin, you must register a KONAMI ID, not everyone took with happy faces to this concept, PSN or not you must make one.
The form was tedious and large, but it has been fixed.
Creating a K-ID, allows messaging in game seperate from... View More »

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Using your newfound Points you can use more powerful weapons or add extra parts, but this doesn’t make you invincible; your inevitable death will cause you to lose a fair share of your Points.

As well as weapons, everyone has access to some items nicked straight from the MGS4 universe. Binoculars and night vision goggles can be found to pick out far-off enemies, and even the cardboard box is available for you to hide in if you’re low on ammo and there’s an enemy heading your way. There’s even a camera available, allowing you to take screenshots by pressing R1 on a second controller or Print Screen on a keyboard. These, along with your guns and grenades, can be flicked through with a few taps of L2 or R2, giving you quick access to whatever you require.

As for the gameplay itself, to essentially review both MGS4 and MGO, it appears that Kojima’s squad have found the right balance between sneaking and shooting. Whereas in days of old running at a wall would automatically press you up against it (not too handy for shooting people) it’s now entirely optional, with a tap of Triangle pressing you to a wall, vaulting you over waist-high objects or dragging unconscious soldiers around. If you find a teammate knocked out or asleep, stooping over them in the new crouch-walk position (assumed by tapping X, with a crawl available with a hold of the same button) and hitting Triangle gives your buddy a handy tap on the noggin to wake them up.

Of course, how you find out that they were asleep in the first place is the most intriguing part of MGO’s team-based gameplay, and the ...

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