The Moral Of Joseph

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I came so far in developing the skills that I learned now that I’m educated to have faith in writing a paper anytime I’m ask. I have been through so much criticism from all kinds of directions mainly from my teachers, but theirs this little bit of faith that I had bubbling inside me that I could improve in my writing and I did. So know I’m doing to discuss some of my hardships I had to go through in my life with my struggle of being a good writer and experiences that I have faced.
It all started in the fifth grade when my teacher Mrs. Peterson asked the class to write a full page paper on our vacation in the summer. Me being the type of person who lets pride stand in my way was so confident in my writing that I would refuse any... View More »

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I begin to cry with my head held down because I was so sure in myself. Finally, I came to a point to put my pride aside and begin to seek for help. I opened my eyes and realized that I had a problem. After class was over I went to my teacher and asked where I could find a tutoring. She kindly went to talk to our guidance counselors and they signed me up for an upper bound tutoring program at our local county college in Jacksonville. I was so happy that I was receiving help.
Furthermore, when I started high school that fall I was still attending the upper bound program. I spent the whole summer in Jacksonville County College learning to improve my writing. I went in my first year of high school with a mind of a writer. I was so happy that I improved in my writing. As I attended my English class we didn’t write an essay for months. We worked in workbooks and had hand outs. I was so anxious about writing a paper that I got impatient and asked if we can start on writing essays. She gave a look as if I was trying to run the class and laughed and told me to be patient. Finally, we got started and we had to write how middle school differs from high schools. When we were finished our teacher looked over them and said she was proud of us except for a few. My heart dropped and just knew she was talking about me. I thought to myself that it was no use of trying to getting help if I wasn’t getting any better. When my teacher handed out the papers I heard my classmates rejoicing I felt insecure. Conclusively when she reached me I was scared to look, but I heard her say “Very good ...

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