The Versailles Treaty

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In the peace settlement Germany was forced to accept sole

responsibility for causing World War I. This was a totally justifiable

demand on the part of the victorious powers.

The Treaty of Versailles was enacted into history in June 1919 with

Germany forced to accept sole responsibility for causing World War I.

Since then there has been considerable debate concerning the war but

even today historians still cannot fully agree upon the causes. Some

support has been given to the theory that Germany was totally

responsible for the war however substantial evidence does not

support that view. Therefore the insistence by the victorious powers

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The second Balkan war !

[1913] occurred between Bulgaria and Serbia/Greece. Winning this war

strengthened Serbs position and this gave Austria-Hungary concern

regarding its influence in the Balkans. The main significance of the

Balkan wars was the position of Britain and France placing restraint on

Russia and Germany restraining Austria-Hungary. This did not happen

with the July crisis of 1914 which resulted in World War I. [Condron -

The Making of the Modern World] Also the two Balkan wars resulted in

renewed antagonism between Bulgaria and the other Balkan states

especially Serbia and caused general dissatisfaction because of the

interference of the great powers in Balkan politics.[Grolier - World

War I]. Evidence does support that while the various events discussed

did not contribute directly to World War I they did indeed contribute

to extreme tensions and suspicions between the great powers and

certainly fueled the arms race which in effect prepared nations for the

total disaster that was to follow the July crisis.

The arms race which mainly involved Britain and Germany began in

1896 when Germany took the decision to significantly expand its navy.

This intense competition which developed created significant tensions

between nations. The intensity to expand was further fueled following

each major crisis which developed during the period 1905-1913.

Britain hardened its position towards Germany. The arms race ...

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