Tics Or Persistent Intermittent Muscle Twitches Or Spasms

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Tics are persistent, intermittent muscle twitches or spasms that are usually limited to a localized muscle group. A person with a tic cannot control the movement or sounds. Tics are either transient, with a duration of less than 12 consecutive months, or chronic, with a course that lasts more than a year. Common simple tics are eye blinking, shoulder jerking, picking movements, grunting, sniffing and barking. Complex tics include facial grimacing, arm flapping and echolalia (repeating another's words or phases). As many as one in five children have had a tic at some point in the first 10 years of life. Tics are often worse when a person is stressed, tired or anxious. Some medications make tics worse. An... View More »

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When asked what would happen if someone did not let him touch the doorknob, he said he would just get mad; once his father had tried to stop him and Alan had had a temper tantrum. Alan explained that the touching of the doorknobs didn't really bother him - what did was all the "other stuff" that he couldn't control.
During the interview the child grunted, cleared his throat, turned his head, and rapidly blinked his eyes several times. At times he tried to make it appear as if he had voluntarily been trying to perform these movements.
Personal history and physical and neurological examination were totally unremarkable except for the abnormal movements and sounds. The mother reported that her youngest uncle had had similar symptoms when he was an adolescent, but she could not elaborate any further. She stated that she and her husband had always been "very compulsive," by which she meant only that they were quite well organized and stuck to routines.
The DSM-v would diagnosis Alan with Tourette's Disorder.
Alan is most disturbed by his motor tics (example tilting his head from side to side, blinking his eyes, flexing his whole body) and by his verbal tics (example clearing throat, saying "fuck"). Because the motor tics involve a series of coordinated movements, they are considered "complex motor tics." The combination of motor and verbal tics with a duration of over 1 year establishes the diagnosis of Tourette's Disorder (DSM-IV, p. 103).
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish a complex motor tic from a compulsion because the observed behavior can be similar. ...

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